Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much do you charge for a service call?

A: We charge $84 to come to your home and determine what is wrong with your appliance.  A qualified technician will then give you a quote to repair, and don’t worry if we need to order a part you only pay the $84 once!

Q: Is my appliance worth repairing or should I just buy a new one?

A: In most cases it is more economical to repair versus replace.  While some companies may use their service techs to promote sales regardless of the level of repair needed at Mulligan Appliance we don’t have a sales department and will always have the customers best interest at heart when it comes to making the decision whether or not to repair.

Q: Why does my front load washer have a smell all the time?

A: Due to the reduced water consumption that the high efficiency front loaders have soap scum and dirt are not washed away as easily.  We recommend using Affresh washer cleaner tabs.  These tabs do a much better job breaking up the leftover soap and getting rid of than bleach will.  Affresh can be found at most supermarkets where your laundry detergent is sold and of course you can always stop in and pick some up at our office!

Q: My dryer is heating up but taking longer than usual to dry my clothes is something wrong with the dryer?

A: In most cases if your getting heat there is nothing wrong with the dryer itself, however your vent could be a totally different situation!  Your vent could be clogged with lint and not allowing the air to move as it should.  A clogged dryer vent could be very dangerous to you and your family!  A number of house fires start due to poor vent conditions.  Make sure yo have your dryer vent cleaned twice a year to prevent a tragedy. Click here to schedule your vent cleaning today!

Q: What if there is an emergency after business hours and I need a service call as soon as possible?

A. If you are in need of an urgent service call our phones are answered 24 hours per day. After regular business hours our answering service will be available to take your necessary information and in an urgent situation they will page us as soon as possible.